Facebook, such a spiritual world!!

Facebook Ahhh…such a spiritual world!!

It’s amazing that life’s lessons can come from absolutely unknown quarters!!
Did Mark Zuckerberg ever envisioned that Facebook would give a platform to so many “happy for others” people in the world ? Frankly I never knew this breed existed !

1989. Flashback. (Read in Indian context) Mrs. XYZ is telling proudly and loudly. (so even the veggie vendor could hear) Her to be son-in-law worked in California. Yes !! Her daughter had bagged the then prized possession. (Truly so, as only serious intellectuals travelled in those days) It was a conquering moment with a corner of an eye on a young woman who just couldn’t find a suitable boy for marriage, even locally. The pride was more about, you don’t have than I have it. So this generation of happy for others, because you have it, is such a fresh change and such a leap in spirituality.

A recluse like me and a reluctant Face booker (till 2013), I must say I learn life changing lessons in social etiquette here. How to make friends, form a clique and then retain these cliques, and so on. Use a tool called “like”!! Simple. I have changed my thought graph. The more and quicker likes you get, means that many jobless, phone digging cliques one has ? Nah!! It means, that many friends you have whose updates you have liked religiously,happily,instantly. I suspect that FB will soon come up with standard drop down menu in interest of time and the options could be 1. You two look nice together 2. Pretty 3 Nice 4. I am happy for you 5. keep smiling 6. Very nice couple 7. Good Luck 8. Cool & more.

I am unsure why the oldies generally like to complain about new generation. I guess that’s just traditional. To me the new generation is spiritually several notches up on the oldies. They don’t hate, they don’t feel jealous. They just love, admire, encourage. They do not judge. They remain in this eternal bliss of “I don’t know”, who am I ? After all is this not the life state we are supposed to achieve per scriptures ? Cool. Now one can achieve the same via Facebook!!

“You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people who you choose to be around!!” ( copied from FB, AGAIN!!). Come 2014, my resolution is to reach this state of eternal bliss,happiness. So I have begun by liking every single recognizable photograph, religiously,regularly, immediately.

May the face of the book live long!!

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