Finding cell phone, a consumer journey.


Finding a cell phone should have been less dramatic than “Finding Nemo”? The fact is have found it equally adventures and confusing all the same. Am I buying a phone or I am asking for a camera that also speaks?

With so many brands, so many versions / models, unboxing tutorials, front and back camera’s, editing software’s, apps, I am simply asking for a phone with a long-lasting battery.A phone where the battery doesn’t die at a critical time.

First feel : My journey with cell phones started with a Nokia, which worked well and lasted for long time. Nothing fancy about it. Just a straight block, that looked fancier than bulging landline. One could just never give an excuse oh ok /later…. my battery is dying.

The beloved : Then arrived the classy black berry and yes it delivered. The battery was great, emails on phone everywhere and anywhere gave an executive kick. However it has now lived its life.

Differentiated by continent : Next generation then, got the iPhone in 2007. After using the same in USA, realized most apps were not available in South Africa “ This app/ service is not available in your country”!! You shall hereon live in the dark dungeon of my drawer.

Beloved is back : Only in times of tragedies one uses old proverbs to justify a decision. So on lines of old is gold after all, the BB was back, which showed all signs of ageing. The buttons were slow, the look was outdated and finally everyone had a blackberry. Everyone!! Reason enough for a fast change!!

Some times you just don’t like someone or something. You can’t pinpoint a reason. Somehow LG never convinced me as a cell phone company and felt it was like carrying my washing machine into my pocket. Matter of perception, guess. LG & Phone? I feel the soap bubbles in my ear.

The comatized life companion : Then suddenly arrived this new hope on the shelf, Samsung S4. It promised life companionship. Didn’t know the life referred was that of a phone and not of a consumer. The phone went into customer service twice in 8 months. First time : The battery is an issue. Changed. second Time : The whole board was an issue. Not sure if this had anything to do with the fact that the phone was bought in a Samsung shop in India. How can the whole board of a new phone be damaged in 8 months? Not sure if one bought a fake phone or real phone from an authorized dealer. The phone currently remains in the ICU in critical condition.

Today it is almost impossible to know fake from original, until one gets electrocuted in the ear for speaking on the phone with battery being charged.

Dual Dreams : So again got back to good old Nokia (android version, some 550) with dual chip, as an interim solution while I hunt the market for a better phone, where the battery lasts. When you try to get all sometimes you miss basics. The screens are sticky need extra cajoling, The phone takes some ghostly pictures (this is a prime function of every phone?) . The charger is so intriguing; One wonders for which sockets it was invented ? Yes don’t miss the blood-red ear plugs for jet black phone.

The Revenge : Buy Sony Xperia!! I was advised, it’s tested for 10 hours in water and hey, look ma no water. This sure brings a triumph to my face. Somebody is surely standing up for the customer. Rather somebody has been to South African customer services, where 99.9% time phone problems are attributed to water damage. They better know this will not work with Sony Xperia.

Buy two phones a wise friend advised, one cheap Charlie for apps and another expensive one for calls, especially when in front of clients.

Basically asking for advice for a phone purchase is like declaring one has high blood pressure. The range of suggestions one gets are from eat banana to Joe recently had a stroke.

Looking for a cell phone mam? Yes!! a camera that talks, with a battery that lasts.

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