The new age 50+ Professional

Are new age 50+ professionals, really outdated as age old belief?

The new age hoopla is getting only louder. We have completely changed the way we live our lives today. Everything has a technological edge and a profit and loss angle. Be it a gadgets, or the fine lines appearing around one’s eye. Everything has a technological solution and a logic of impact on the surrounding. The two-pronged life of human beings today.

So in this eternal world of ever-changing technology where the engraved beliefs are shaken up every second, where the core values have become old-fashioned, one thing that hasn’t changed at all is the perception about 50+ professionals. A friend of mine told me that he is doing a wig for himself as his hair are no more, at 55. I thought a bright face as his should look nice even with a bald patch? Nope, I was told. In the advanced part of the world, where he lives, everything is strictly about looks. In his own mind, he won’t even be able to go market anything with his kind of bald patch. A world where one can iron out crow feet just like ironing out shirt creases, a world where teeth can get so brightly lit up that one almost misses the face, thanks to the bright tooth-flash, why this resistance to accept 50+ professionals?

Not sure if any scientific research is available that says at the chime of one’s 50, the brain cells are dropped by 50% impacting ability to think or one’s IQ needs to be discounted by 50%?

Today with the availability of all kinds of gyms, diets, pills,brands, hair color, 50+ professionals promise to walk as fast as their younger counterparts at airports. They promise to look as smart as the rest as hair color is a passé issue. The well-stalked gyms further promise a composed stature. The personality development classes one attended, as young professional is still not flushed out of one’s blood. The Internet has made it even easier to crossover this phenomenon, as knowledge is not privy of any age.

However the perception about 50+ professionals is a gospel truth, a kind of apartheid. You are 50+ and so your professional days are done, well almost. Not in so many words but just a kind smile, a sound likes Ugh./err, and in Africa it’s directly a ma (know your age botox-ed lady!!)

The world is missing out on mass of talented pool just because they are err… 50!!

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