Dental Delight


A Professional Review!!

My relationship with dentist is age old. Many years ago, my cousin’s teeth were being fixed ( extracted) in presumably barbaric manner ( in a mind of a 9-year-old,me!!) The moment she sat on the patient’s chair, in a 4th story dilapidated building in the old city, I knew she was being tricked into something very hurtful. All I remember is a serious looking man saying to her ” open your moooo…uuuu…th ?” A sharp scream rose from that chair,something shook vigorously within. I started running from the fourth floor of the building to only stop after few building blocks had passed. Those were the days of doctors where looking dreadful and emotionless was a pre-qualification. Further one wondered why even a dentist was born? Meaning how was one suppose to earn livelihood sitting in dilapidated building with minimum equipments ? Hilarious, but was a note of things to come. Being cousin of a child with equally bad teeth is not a nice thing.

In our children brain, the epic story curses like…O My Majesty…you shall suffer rrrrr … you shall die before seeing your children or you will face a horrendous defeat, were far more modest…than O Majesty… you shall suffer shall extract your teeth…O mighty lord of the universe, your mouth pain shall be known only by you and you, no one else…even an ice cream shall not bring any relief. This was far more believable curse.

As an adult, have been under driller for every possible dental cause. Root canal, done it. Extraction , check. Fillings, done it. New teeth fixture, over it. By now I know the taste of all the liquids that go there. Have taken nip in every part of the gummy gum.

The way dentists handles tooth instance tells a lot about, his/her nature. Most dentists are detailed drillers ( tooth and pocket). Some dentists spend much time on a tooth, you almost wonder about beautiful treasure in one rotten tooth. Some send weird signals, that makes you wonder “do I look so attractive with clipped jaw”? Some are motionless ( emotionless), if you ask your tooth to be levelled for that Hollywood effect, just say you don’t need it!!

An exposure that started with hapless running from 4th floor, must say a lot has changed since then. I now hold a badge of “dental delight”, an honor conferred upon special daring individuals who have been through all.

The technology has changed the whole experience today. One forgets everything the moment he/she steps in the clinic. That “who am I” environment makes you forget everything even your aching tooth. Mr dreadful too has been replaced by a brightly smiling dentist ( with thanks for paying my insurance, expression !!). everything is so delightful, indeed.

Memories fade away slowly, as mouthful of anesthesia sets in!!

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