Sheena Bora : A death of a bond

August 28, 2015 sujatasingh_sa 0

First, I truly pray the departed gets justice in true sense and till then we can’t say RIP, Sheena !! While the Indian media is flooded with updates every 30 minutes on this not really […]


WHATSAPP Facebook ?

August 15, 2015 sujatasingh_sa 0

Have you recently felt that Facebook has become more like a newspaper that you read more to remain uptodate on various feeds on animals, startups, wired world and interests that you follow? Have you recently […]


Why this silence, Africa?

August 2, 2015 sujatasingh_sa 0

Why this silence, Africa? In death, he roared & left a billion echoes !! Every corner of the world, gasped in shock at this cold-blooded shooting of a Lion. Head of two prides. #Cecilthelion, is […]