Why this silence, Africa?

Why this silence, Africa?

In death, he roared & left a billion echoes !!

Every corner of the world, gasped in shock at this cold-blooded shooting of a Lion. Head of two prides. #Cecilthelion, is now no more. The Africans let go of the pride.

While social media buzzed and hunted for the hunter, Africa gave a mute response. Animals are routinely hunted/poached here to be flown as prized trophies with dead eyes, to other parts of the world. Africa regularly responds to the incident citing poverty as one single most answer which is arrived at over a cool cup coffee. The poachers -- licensed or without license-- have successfully lured Africans to believe this is the only way to feed the communities; this is the only way one lives, Africans must live.

Its time Africa re-thinks new ways of protecting & generating revenues of what the land has been endowed with. Africa has beautiful landscapes and animals that world comes visiting all around the year. This is its USP.(unique selling proposition) If we continue to destroy this USP, one day we will have no animals and no revenue.Let the trophy hunters not convince anybody that by killing animals for thrill they are ensuring the eco balance or helping the African communities, who are very poor !!

The animal numbers are plundering every year with South Africa now completely in grips of Rhino poachers.

Why this silence Africa?

We need stricter punishments for hunting and poaching. We need to create new scaled revenue models where tourists are allowed different types of experiences in Africa. Create facilities for different levels of tourist; Maintain & upgrade parks regularly that already have fantastic facilities.

#cecilthelion lost his pride, unknowingly. Hope we as Africans, don't, knowingly!!

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