WHATSAPP Facebook ?

Overloaded Facebook

Have you recently felt that Facebook has become more like a newspaper that you read more to remain uptodate on various feeds on animals, startups, wired world and interests that you follow? Have you recently used FB more for searching old schoolmates, employee pics ? It feels like FB is a competing for its identity even with search engine supremo Google.

Are you missing the photographs that received hordes of likes and wow’s? With Facebookes user base moving towards more matronly figures, the quick and simple whatsapp has nudged Facebook from its premier position of preferred family social network platform.

Keep it simple. WhatsApp has exactly done that. Share from where you are with one click.Further adding a voice communication has caught another segment of audience, the free call lovers. Its a different thing that this feature mostly works like “Hello can you hear me” followed by a musical nope, as an answer.

Ting, “Hello All do see my Photographs posted on Fb today” Said my whatsapp message. 800million users and counting, whatsapp Facebook ?

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