Sheena Bora : A death of a bond

Death Of A Bond

First, I truly pray the departed gets justice in true sense and till then we can’t say RIP, Sheena !!

Death Of A Bond
Death Of A Bond
While the Indian media is flooded with updates every 30 minutes on this not really baffeling case any more, whats hurting is the mother-daughter / mother –child bond that has been degraded to this low level. It’s dead under a world where glamour rules and inherent wisdom remains quiet.

For over a decade now one watches soaps with plotting ladies & the well dressed henpecked men waiting for a disater to happen in a well decorated drawing room. One always wondered are women really that bad? Will men really work under their rule, brianlessely ? Just before one let it pass as an imagination of a writer, this case allegedely confirms that this can actually happen.

My impressions are completely based on the media reports, I read. What appears to be more glaring in this case is the investigation methods. As the society dumps its value system, the investigation methods need to keep a pace with it & some serious technical intervention look absolutely necessary, today !!

A ghastly crime that truly needs to punish the guilty, should not slip at the trial level because of unconnected recording methods, within the state communication methods, biological recordings like DNA etc. One sincierely hopes that these holes in investigation methods do not stall the justice for a beautiful young girl with very uneven life and a deadlier end. A complete revamp & training in investigation methods is truely necessary as society complicates its life, in cold blood.

RIP Sheena ? …She waits & awaits !!

Sheena-Bora: A death of a bond

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