Vodacom Woes: Being Vodacom South Africa’s Ex

Here is Why You Should Be Worried

Vodacom South Africa

Vodacom South Africa is proving to be a perfect example of why South Africa suffers from accountability woes.As the country hits #Junkstatus,SA’s accountability issues spill from every corner of the pot.

Recently, I canceled a contract with Vodacom South Africa. Much to my surprise, I discovered I was secretly allotted another contract. My calls for cancellation were responded with an affirmation of cancellation by tele-executive. However, the secret contract number remained on my profile and continued to bill me.

On a visit to Vodacom South Africa, Customer Service Center here is what happened. After a deliberation of 2.5 hours, neither the agent nor the supervisor could pinpoint who opened a contract on my name. Was I given the usual answers? Yes. I was told, “IT says they have problems with the system.” The next excuse being the person I spoke last time doesn’t work with Vodacom anymore. Cruel, isn’t it?

The questions that kept nibbling me though are:

1. Why did the system not have any audit trail? Was it so difficult to see the time stamp on the system?

2. The customer service could neither produce a contract signed by me nor a voice recording where I asked for any additional service number. Is my id used for someone else to get a number?

3. Is Vodacom South Africa aware of the fact that somebody in the system may be compromising several South African ids for fake contracts?

4. Why are there different answers to the same question? Is Vodacom not training their people?

5. Is Information Technology not supposed to make processes system dependent? Should that not empower one to trace the background of the case and gist of the last conversation?

6. Why is that one needs to call porting, cancellations, accounting, sales and every other department to cancel a service? In a system based environment, all of it can be achieved in one place?

7. Does it take more than 60 days to figure out how to stop a red flagged number?

To make matters worse, most of the Vodacom South Africa’s Top Executives like CEO are not available for communication on the social media. Unusual!!

In conclusion, I wonder if a business person like me is finding it impossible to get rid of the fake number issued on my name, what would be the case with millions of unsuspecting South Africans who reside in remote corners of the country?

Time has come where we all need to learn to make noise, till we are heard and serviced in a professional manner.It has to go beyond “unfortunately” and “apologize,” for we live in #TechTimes, and we need answers that are logical, relevant and correct.

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