Why this silence, Africa?

August 2, 2015 sujatasingh_sa 0

Why this silence, Africa? In death, he roared & left a billion echoes !! Every corner of the world, gasped in shock at this cold-blooded shooting of a Lion. Head of two prides. #Cecilthelion, is […]


Dental Delight

May 26, 2014 sujatasingh_sa 0

A Professional Review!! My relationship with dentist is age old. Many years ago, my cousin’s teeth were being fixed ( extracted) in presumably barbaric manner ( in a mind of a 9-year-old,me!!) The moment she […]


The new age 50+ Professional

April 29, 2014 sujatasingh_sa 0

Are new age 50+ professionals, really outdated as age old belief? The new age hoopla is getting only louder. We have completely changed the way we live our lives today. Everything has a technological edge […]


BEE, Standard Bank means it.

November 15, 2013 sujatasingh_sa 0

Post freedom in 1994, South Africa took several measures to ensure previously disadvantaged communities got opportunity & a definite road to be part of the local business community. Hence business programmes like BEE (Black Empowerment […]