The stories one meets

January 29, 2017 sujatasingh_sa 0

The stories one meets. The impressions of childhood remain subdued in one’s consciousness, buried under the rational mind’s day to day clutter. Then suddenly a place or an event acts as a trigger & takes […]


The new age 50+ Professional

April 29, 2014 sujatasingh_sa 0

Are new age 50+ professionals, really outdated as age old belief? The new age hoopla is getting only louder. We have completely changed the way we live our lives today. Everything has a technological edge […]


Facebook, such a spiritual world!!

January 21, 2014 sujatasingh_sa 0

Facebook Ahhh…such a spiritual world!! It’s amazing that life’s lessons can come from absolutely unknown quarters!! Did Mark Zuckerberg ever envisioned that Facebook would give a platform to so many “happy for others” people in […]